5-16 august


  • 11 days | 1500 km
  • €5,000
  • asphalt
  • hired BMW F800GS / F700GS
Ecuador is a truly unique destination. The climate of this equatorial country remains almost the same across its entire territory. Over two weeks we will see all the diversity Ecuador has to offer. We will ride along the Pacific coast, admire the magnitude of dormant volcanoes, and marvel at the beauty of alpine lakes and luscious Amazon rainforest.

Most of our itinerary is mapped in the Andes, so prepare for lots and lots of twisties! Ecuador has well-surfaced roads for guaranteed riding delight. After crossing the equator we will ride all over the Andes and spend a night at the foot of the country's highest mountain – dormant volcano Chimborazo. While travelling in the highland we are going to soar on the world-famous El Veuelo del Condor swing and see crater lake Quilotoa.

On one of the days we will venture into the Amazon jungle. Try your luck while panning for gold in the Napo River, reach out to the spirits at the shaman's hut, feed caimans in their natural habitat and take breathtaking pictures of the unique flora and fauna. And when you feel like you could take a break from twisting the throttle, we will hit the Pacific coast. Soak up in the ocean, get a suntan or join us on an excursion to an island natural reserve for a diving and turtle-watching experience!

Quito - Puerto Misahualli - Baños - Chimborazo volcano - Puerto Cayo - Lake Quilotoa - Quito

Included in the price
  • Motorcycle hire and coverage
  • 3* hotel accommodation (double/twin rooms)
  • All breakfasts
  • Experienced English-speaking tour leader
  • Technical support
  • Excursions along the route
  • Transfers
Not included and paid individually
  • Return flight to Quito
  • Fuel
  • Medical insurance
  • Lunches and dinners
Tour details
Our tour includes 8 days of riding. We start and finish in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where the main international airport is. We have also planned a few days for relaxing while sightseeing in the jungle and relaxing on the coast.

Tour type: Road
Surface: asphalt.
Motorcycles: hired BMW F800GS or F700GS (or same class), pre-checked and ready for the trip. All the bikes have insurance coverage and are equipped with side and top cases (80 l total).
Co-rider: Allowed. The tour price for a co-rider is €3,500.

Tour Difficulty

Expect to ride 350-400 km per day. The cruise speed is 100-120 km/h.

Required Documents
You may need a visa to visit Ecuador. Please check the requirements and the terms at your local Ecuador consulate.

You must have a valid biometric passport and a Category A driving license. You must also have medical insurance to cover COVID-19. Please make sure that your insurance policy contains specific provisions for motorcycle travel.

Number of Participants
Up to 10 including co-riders.

3* hotels (twin/double rooms). Single rooms may be available for an extra charge.

The tour price includes all breakfasts. Lunches and dinners are paid individually.

The price includes all the transfers to Quito airport and back as well as taxis or rented vehicles which will take you on the excursions.

Fuel Prices
€0.6/litre as at May 2022.

Local Currency
United States dollar.

Riding Gear
Every rider must be equipped with a properly-sized helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, and rain suit. A complete list of the essentials will be provided towards the tour dates.

Technical support
The tour leader will carry all the tools and consumables for the technical maintenance and field repair of the hired motorcycles. Major repairs and evacuation are covered by the insurance policy.

Excursions and Entertainment
The capital of Ecuador situated 24 km off the equator at an elevation of over 2,800 m. In 1978 Quito was among the first places in the world to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its the largest, least-altered, and best-preserved historic center in the Americas.

Amazon Jungle Ride, Puerto Misahualli
Prepare yourself for a feature-packed excursion into pristine rainforest! Take a boat ride down river Napo, explore the local flora and fauna, taste exotic fruits and enjoy a visit to a wildlife sanctuary where you can feed caimans in their natural habitat. Hone your prospecting skills while panning for gold with the locals. And, finally, get a blessing and some ancient wisdom from a shaman from one of the aboriginal tribes.

Chimborazo volcano
A prominent stratovolcano with the top at 6,267 m which is currently inactive. This is the highest point of Ecuador. From the 16th to the early 19th century Chimborazo was considered to be the highest peak in the world.

Devil's Waterfall, Baños
An awe-inspiring waterfall falling from over 80 m. We will follow a narrow cave-like trail which follows the cliffs for a closer view that you will never forget!

Lake Quilotoa
This 250 m deep lake once filled the crater of the most western volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes. The lake was formed 800 years ago after a catastrophic eruption.

Isla de la Plata, Puerto Cayo
The island off the pacific coast of Ecuador is part of a national park with a huge variety of animal species. After a quick motorboat ride you can enjoy a leisurely walk on the beach or go scuba diving to explore the underwater world.
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