29 August - 3 September

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • 6 days | 1400 km
  • €1000
  • mixed terrain
  • own adventure motorcycles
Discover the pristine beauty of the mountain-covered parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and immerse yourself into the rich cultural heritage of the land which used to be a part of the Ottoman empire. Marvel at the mountains, roar through the canyons, take a dip in mountain rivers and lakes, visit authentic Bosnian villages and the country's largest cities — Mostar and Sarajevo.

We start and finish in Belgrade on our own bikes. After transiting through Serbia and brushing up our cornering skills on the paved local roads of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we get off the tarmac for the adventure that brings us there. Tackle mountain passes, powerslide through the hairpins and gaze at the stars on the shore of an alpine lake. To complete the first part of our tour we will visit Kravica waterfall and walk the cobbled streets of Mostar famous for its numerous minarets and a 500-year-old Ottoman bridge.

The second part of our Bosnian tour will be just as fun as we will go for a swim in the Neretva river, go on a tour of Tito's nuclear bunker, and ride to Lukomir village nestled on a slope of Rakitnica Canyon at over 1,300 m. This remote village with its unique houses made of stone and covered with wooden shingles looks straight out of The Witcher series!

As we motor towards Sarajevo along the roads that used to be heavily mined just until recently we will pass abandoned villages, wrecked bridges and other reminders of war. Once we get to the capital and change from off-road gear into something more comfortable, we will walk on the bridge where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot and buy souvenirs in Baščaršija, the old town market which dates back to the 15th century.

Belgrade - Bijeljina - Zenica - Prokoško Lake - Rama Lake - Blidinje Lake - Kravica Waterfall - Mostar - Neretva Canyon - Konic - Rakitnica Canyon - Lukomir - Crveni Kuk Mount - Sarajevo - Višegrad - Bajina Bašta - Belgrade

Included in the price
  • 2-3* hotels and guesthouses accommodation (double/twin rooms)
  • All breakfasts
  • Experienced English-speaking tour leader
  • Technical support
  • Excursions along the route
Not included and paid individually
  • Fuel
  • Medical insurance
  • Lunches and dinners
Tour details
The tour lasts 6 riding days / 7 nights. We start and finish in Belgrade. Most of the route covers remote regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The sightseeing program includes Mostar and Sarajevo.

Tour type: Adventure
Surface: asphalt and dirt roads. All the unpaved sections are suitable for heavy dual sport motorcycles. However, you should have appropriate riding experience.
Motorcycles: own adventure motorcycles (600cc and larger) with proper preparation. Hard cases / soft luggage racks, crash bars / engine protectors, and tyres suitable for road and off-road are a must.
Co-rider: not allowed.

Tour Difficulty
Expect to ride 450-150 km a day. The top speed is 120-130 km/h on motorways and 90-100 km/h on paved local roads. Once we go off-road, we will hardly go faster than 60 km/h.

Required Documents
You must have a valid biometric passport and a Category A driving licence. You must also have medical insurance to cover COVID-19. Please make sure that your insurance policy contains specific provisions for motorcycle travel.

Number of Participants
Up to 8.

2-3* hotels and guesthouses (double/twin rooms).

The tour price includes all breakfasts. Lunches and dinners are paid individually.

Fuel Prices
All prices as at April 2022
Serbia — €1,5/litre.
Bosnia and Herzegovina — €1,5/litre.

Local Currency
Serbian Dinar. €1 = 118 Dinars.
Bosnian Convertible Mark. €1 = 1,95 BAM.

Riding Gear
Every rider must be equipped with a properly-sized helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, and rain suit. A complete list of the essentials will be provided towards the tour dates.

Technical support
The tour leader will carry all the tools and consumables for the technical maintenance and field repair of the motorcycles. In the event of a major incident we will help arrange evacuation of your motorcycle for an extra charge.

Excursions and Entertainment
Prokoško Lake
An alpine lake at the altitude of 1,670 m above sea level. A popular tourist destination.

Rama Lake
A man-made beauty with crystal-clear water and dozens of bays and islands. The lake was formed after damming the Rama river.

Kravica Waterfall
The river Trebizat creates a 28-metre-high waterfall which streams into a natural amphitheatre 120 metres wide. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe.

The chief city and the historical capital of Herzegovina famous for its beautiful mosques and a 27 m single-arch bridge built by the Ottoman Turks in 1566.

Tito's Nuclear Bunker, Konjic
Top-secret underground shelter to protect the Yugoslav dictator during a nuclear war. The bunker buried 280 m deep cost a staggering $4.6 billion to build.

Rakitnica Canyon
A natural wonder of Bosnia and Herzegovina which lies at the altitude of 1,120 m and runs 26 km.

Lukomir Village, Rakitnica Canyon
The best-preserved village in Bosnia perched at 1,495 m with a great view of Rakitnica Canyon. The traditional houses look as if nothing has changed since the Middle Ages.

The capital and the largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina founded by the Turks in 1462 with beautiful Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian landmarks. During the 1990s Balkan Wars the city was besieged for almost 4 years.
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