Questions and Answers

Your tours fall into Road and Adventure categories. What does that mean?
Road means that you will always stay on paved roads that are suitable for any motorcycle — a street bike, a touring bike, a cruiser or even a sports bike.

Adventure tours are only meant for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles. Such tours include a mix of good and not-so-good asphalt, dirt roads and trails.
What is included in the price?
Each tour includes accommodation in hotels, breakfasts, an experienced English-speaking tour leader, technical support, excursions, and transfers (internal flights and taxis from the airport and back). If the tour details include a hired motorcycle, the price also includes rental charges.
Are there any additional expenses?
Fuel, lunches and dinners, alcoholic drinks and other entertainment, and the return flight to the starting point.
Do I need my own bike to join one of your tours or can you arrange a rental?
We arrange hired motorcycles for the majority of our tours. However, if you already have a bike fitted with travel accessories, you can join us at the starting point and save on rental charges.
What is "Technical support" included with each of your tours?
All our tour leaders are mechanically gifted. When you join us on a tour, all you need to do is ride and have fun without worrying about technical issues. For every tour we pack an extensive kit full of tools, service items, common spare parts etc. No matter if you have a flat tyre or a dead battery, there is a crack in the engine case or water in the exhaust, a wheel bearing fails or your bike just won't start, we can take care of all that and more. Sit back and relax while we are fixing your bike to put you back on the road as soon as possible!

In the event of a breakdown that cannot be fixed at the roadside, we will do our best to arrange evacuation of your bike. These services are provided for an extra charge.
Is medical insurance included in the price?
No, you need to purchase it individually.
Did you really ride all your routes? Or did you map them on the Internet?
All the tours we sell were personally mapped, ridden and tested by the members of our team. Our tour leaders did travel almost every continent and rode all over Ukraine.
What kind of distance should I expect to ride daily?
Prepare for no more than 350-400 km. In case of unpaved roads and trails it is even less — up to 200 km. Based on our experience, such distances provide an optimum balance of action and rest so that you always look forward to one more day in the saddle.
What is the cruise speed in your tours?
In Road tours, which are limited to asphalt roads, our motorway cruise speed is 120-130 km/h. The top speed on country lanes is 100 km/h. Once we hit the dirt, it is not more than 60 km/h.
I have a 400cc motorcycle. Can I join one of your tours?
Yes — as long as your motorcycle is capable of cruising at 120-130 km/h on the motorway.
Can I take a passenger on your tour?
All our Road tours are suitable for a pillion passenger.